Unleashing Local Voices for Global Impact​

Positive Stories envisions a world where everyone is a storyteller – a world where all citizens are empowered by diverse narratives to become agents of change.

The time for negative narratives is over.

We want to be at the forefront of a new inspirational paradigm allowing people to regain confidence, prioritise collaboration, and encourage meaningful engagement. 

We want to support individuals spreading positive practical solutions and collaborating in an action-oriented community of individuals.

At Positive Stories, we believe that every citizen has a story to share, a role to play, and the power to take action. 


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We unleash the power of local voices to inspire and encourage positive change across communities globally.

"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter"
Martin Luther King

Providing Inclusive Solutions

Empowering Everyday Changemakers through Inclusive Technology


We empower changemakers to raise their voice and inspire others to join their just cause by providing free resources and training.


We provide an interactive chatbot for changemakers to share their stories on WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram, and many other platforms.


We host an inclusive platform gathering stories from around the globe highlighting emerging voices leading the way forward.

Empowering Emerging Voices

Raising the Voice and Showcasing Solutions of Everyday Changemakers

Frontline Communities

We raise the voice of frontline communities already affected by the effects of climate change and social inequalities.


Young Changemakers

We support young changemakers to foster climate action and positive change through inspiring narratives.


Civil Rights Activists

We showcase civil rights activists’ actions creating ripple effects for a more equitable, fair, and human society.


Human Rights Activists

We showcase human rights activists’ actions creating ripple effects for a more equitable, fair, and human society.

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