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Positive Stories is a digital storytelling platform that showcases the life and aspirations of changemakers around the world. We celebrate those who actively face and solve today’s challenges.

TurnItAround Campaign

Share your contribution for the Global Week to #Act4SDGs

Positive Stories is partnering with Forus on the #TurnItAround Campaign for the 2020 Global Week to Act4SDGs taking place on September 18-26. Join activists, leaders, citizens, organizations and institutions – making this a Turning Point for People and Planet. Share your story, your actions at local level, and get a chance to have your voice heard around the world. Let’s #TurnItAround!

We Power Your Stories

Every human is a storyteller.

Positive Stories gives individuals a chance to send audio recordings depicting their local realities and promoting their solutions. By providing an inclusive digital platform, we believe we can solve common problems and celebrate mutual connections.


The Positive Stories Podcast

A human-centric podcast that explores the stories and perspectives of others from around the world.

Our Mission

To overcome societal, territorial, and cultural barriers.

Positive Stories empowers individual citizens and their richly diverse narratives to connect a global community of changemakers. We seek to build a brighter and more sustainable future.

The Positive Stories Handbook

Learn more about Positive Stories and the role you can play as an individual to positively impact the world with your story.

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