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Everything you have to do now is to interact with the Positive Stories chatbot! Go to WhatsApp’s icon at the right bottom corner of this page and click on it. As soon as you interact with the chatbot, you will be guided to send your testimony. We are really looking forward to hearing that!

Yes, of course! We appreciate every testimony, every single opinion coming from all over the world. Our aim is to create an inclusive global network, allowing every single individual to express his/her self. 

Positive Stories is only available in English for now. We ask contributors to share their stories in English. We do not require contributors to be perfectly fluent in English. We are currently working on expanding our activities in other languages to make sure new individuals can be heard.

After submitting your story on the chatbot, our server receives all your information and content and analyse it to make sure your voice recording does not include any misleading content (religious, political, sexual orientation information). After this quick analysis, the content is processed on our secured servers and is then published on our platform. Your story might be featured on the Positive Stories podcast as well as our social media. We store information about storytellers in order to know the location of the contributions as well as to be able to get in touch with you if we want to interview you for the podcast. We want to give the best exposure to your experience and ideas allowing other individuals to be inspired and contribute to support you.

Positive Stories receives a very large number of testimonies every day. For this reason, we are not able to feature all testimonies in our podcast and therefore propose free access to individual stories on our platform. You can find these stories on our interactive map and use filters to listen to the stories you are looking for.

The Positive Stories podcast is released with new series every month. You can find it on our website www.positivestories.org. We invite you to subscribe to our podcast in your favourite podcast channel in order to get notified when new podcasts are released.

Several opportunities are available for you to contribute and participate in the initiative. You can share your story but you also have other options to participate in this collaborative initiative. You are invited to comment and like stories that you think are very relevant, you are able to vote for the topics of our podcast, you can also support individuals in needs with your expertise and knowledge.

The Positive Stories chatbot is an automatic software application we use on online message services such as WhatsApp, Messenger, or We Chat allowing us to interact with our users to send relevant information and collect contributions. Conducting an online chat conversation via text, we create direct contact with our users.

Plateform use

Positive Stories platform provides you with the opportunity to browse the full list of stories available on the website. In order to narrow your search, you can use the different filters available on the Human Stories page allowing you to find the stories related to a topic you are interested in. your testimony. We are really looking forward to hearing that!

While browsing the stories on the Positive Stories interactive map, you can listen to the different contributions and use our features allowing you to like, comment, or share the stories. You can easily share the stories available on our platform in your favourite social media. You have options to share the platform content on all social media.

We want to hear your opinion and know more about your interests. For that, we give you the opportunity to propose topics you want us to cover in the upcoming podcast episodes. 

You have heard an inspiring story and would like to connect with the contributors. Use the contact feature and get the chance to connect with the storyteller. As soon as you try to get in touch with the contributors, we will send a notification to the contributors in order to connect you.

Positive Stories also encourage individuals to submit written stories. In order to do so, visit our human story webpage and click on the upload box in order to share your written contribution.

Positive Stories is releasing new content every day and we want you to have access to it. In order to be posted about the new stories updated, the release of the daily positive news or the podcast, you can subscribe to our newsfeed and newsletter.

About Positive Stories

+Stories represent a Positive solution for all. It acts as a social enterprise that is Leaving No One Behind, creating a synergy of daily-doses-of-positivism from every country of the world, remaining sustainable and green initiative while solution-oriented.

WHO’s studies and recommendations are emphasizing the impact watching, reading, listening to daily news has. At the very beginning, we started questioning: if news can stress people out, why do they keep going back for more? For one thing among the others, it’s entertaining. Of course, many people feel it’s important to stay informed, however the way everyone gets their news —coupled with the narrative of news that dominates today—may cause negative effects such as stress, anxiety, fatigue or sleep loss. 

The solution we are introducing is aiming to serve as a guardian of their mental well-being.

Therefore, Positive Stories melts hands-on and accessible solutions leveraging the voices of individuals while inspiring others to take concrete actions for the benefits of society.

Positive Stories aims to leverage the power of positive storytelling by giving every single individual the opportunity to share experiences, aspirations, and solutions. By doing so, Positive Stories initiative gives a voice to individuals to advance sustainable development while fostering compassion, solidarity, and a sense of belonging. Gathering all testimonies in a unique platform, we aim to help all individuals to better understand local needs while being encouraged to act as one for a better world for all. 

Positive Stories engage public and private stakeholders, social media influencers, awarded journalists and storytellers about experience and knowledge sharing. The initiative is a global community which has the aim of fighting negativity and encouraging positive and concrete actions. Positive Stories spot the positive and highlight positive global testimonies, capture unheard and vulnerable voices, and foster the culture of humanity and compassion. The organisation rewards its community by leveraging their voices honouring the solidarity, hope, courage, humanity, compassion and (pro)active efforts of individuals. Inspiring citizens to take positive actions for good, Positive stories is a catalyst for sustainable development.

Positive stories aims to overcome societal, territorial, and cultural barriers, Positive Stories empowers individual citizens using richly diverse narratives told through a globally connected community of changemakers to build a brighter and more sustainable future.

Positive Stories is a unique online platform that serves as citizens’ daily dose of positive insights and movements, their “safe space” to entertain, find, share, gather positive, practical, and change-making aspirations from all over the world through the power of storytelling. The key aspect of the solution is to fight global challenges while reinforcing solidarity in order to foster sustainable development. Positive Stories spot the positive through stories, actions, movements, individuals and bring them upfront by using new media and technologies. Powered by mobile technologies using a low amount of data (chatbot, platform, podcast), the Positive Stories solution aims to be inclusive and accessible for individuals in order to democratize storytelling.

The Positive Stories initiative is supported by an international team committed to promoting the voice of all individuals. Composed of 7+ team members from all corners of the world, Positive Stories benefit from different expertise allowing us to provide you with the best services and opportunities.

If you have a specific question, a partnership request, or you would like to be in touch with the team, please email us at contact@positivestories.org