About us

Positive Stories is about our contributors, it is about you.

Spot the positive

Because your voice matters

Positive Stories is a global network powered by individuals in search of
a collective sense of solidarity, community, and compassion.

Our Mission

Leverage the power of storytelling to inform, inspire, connect, engage, and empower individuals, acting as one, for the good of our Humanity. 


Collect Information and Raise Awareness​

+Stories collects relevant as well as concrete information to raise awareness about local realities while allowing individuals to share and express their needs, aspirations, and solutions.

Engage and Inspire Human beings

+Stories helps individuals to connect and be engaged by supporting the development of existing and new initiatives which foster sustainable development achievements.

Promote Individuals’ aspirations​

+Stories democratizes access to storytelling with accessible and inclusive tools providing individuals with the opportunity and legitimacy to have their positive voice heard.

Empower Communities

+Stories allows individuals to support each other causes with the exchange of skills and practices to advance the empowerment and resilience of local communities benefiting from tailored made support.


Our Vision

To overcome societal, territorial, and cultural barriers, Positive Stories empowers individual citizens using richly diverse narratives told through a globally connected community of change makers to build a brighter and more sustainable future.

Our Commitment

Positive Stories is committed to the Sustainable Development Goals.
All the work we do is linked to the Agenda 2030 and we invite our community
to join forces 
for the Decade of Action.

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Positive Stories Launch

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